Update coronavirus: driving lessons and driving exams possible again

Rijleswagen binnenkant handen aan stuur

Good news! At VAB-Rijschool, driving courses will be restarted in various phases as from 11 May. Different dates apply per category, so check out what applies to you. You will also be able to retake driving exams shortly. To take into account the period in which the training and exams were suspended, the statutory time limits for training and exams will be extended until 31 December 2020.


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Restart of VAB Driving School: Driving courses and driving exams :


VAB driving school offices

Our VAB driving school offices will reopen from 18/05 with the necessary measures and respect for social distance and hygiene. From then on you can also contact your local office by phone.


Driving license A, AM, C/CE and D/DE: Motorbike, moped and truck

Did you have a driver training for motorcycle, moped or truck planned and couldn't go because of the Covid 19 lockdown? Don't panic, everyone will be contacted in the meantime to reschedule his/her lesson. So wait your turn patiently, this way we avoid overcrowded mailboxes. The first courses will start again from May 11th 2020.


Driving license B: Car

Did you have driver training planned for the car (driver's license B) and was it not possible due to the coronavirus? Don't worry, we'll do everything we can to get your training back on track quickly. From the 11th of May we will start contacting everyone to reschedule the lessons together. Please be patient but wait your turn to avoid overcrowded mailboxes. The courses themselves will start again from 18 May 2020.


Moment of reflexion

Also those who had planned a moment of reflexion during the lockdown, will be contacted in the meantime to reschedule their return moment. This training is a group training and will only restart from 2 June. Please note: in a first phase we will only give back moments on our site in Wilrijk.

Does the period in which you have to follow the moment of reflexion end between 16 March and 31 July? If so, that period will be extended until December 31st. Did you have to follow the return moment before March 16, but didn't you? Then you will normally be assigned a second period of two months and pay a surcharge of 51 euros. That second term is now also extended to 31 December 2020.


Provisional driving licence

It is also important to know that if your provisional driving licence expires after 15 March 2020, you can still practice learning to drive until 30 September 2020. After that, you can still take an exam with this (expired) driving licence until 31 December 2020.


Theory and continuing education code 95

Anyone who had planned a theory or refresher course code 95 that could not take place, will be contacted as of mid-May to reschedule his/her training. These courses are also part of our group training offer and will only restart in June.


Code 95 will be extended until 30 September Any driver with a C or D driving licence who is engaged in commercial transport (as a professional driver) will need the certificate of professional competence (code 95 on the driving licence). If the code 95 on the driving licence expires between 16 March and 30 September, the code on the driving licence will remain valid until 30 September.


Driving exams

From 18 May 2020

Theoretical exams for all categories, and practical exams for mopeds, motorcycles, trucks and buses (with or without trailer) are organized again. Recovery exams are also possible from then on.

From 25 May 2020

The practical exams for passenger cars, passenger cars with trailers and agricultural vehicles will be resumed.


Driving test centres

Deadlines for driving exams are extended until 31 December 2020. The driving exams below will be organized again from 18 May:


Security measures

In order to make this restart as safe as possible, the sector has made uniform agreements on safety and hygiene that go beyond the generic measures for social distancing:


Learning to drive with an attendant

From Monday, May 11th, learning to drive with an attendant is allowed again. So you can go back on the track with your guide to learn to drive.


Furthermore, we call on you to follow the measures imposed and hope that you and your family remain in good health.