Advanced courses

Improve your driving skills with the VAB-Safe Drivers Plan

We all want traffic to be safer and more aware, and some situations or professions require more advanced driving skills. That is why we created the VAB-Safe Drivers Plan. Anybody with a driving licence (for a car, truck or bus) can take a driving skills course with us.

Our courses:

Workshop e-bike

Is your company also committed to sustainable mobility? Then this training should not be missed. During this e-bike workshop, participants not only gain insight into the risks of cycling at an increased speed, but also a refreshment of the road code and tips that are useful when purchasing an electric bicycle are discussed.


Defensive and anticipatory driving for companies

This course offers companies a number of benefits: fewer accidents, lower insurance premiums, reduced fuel consumption, a better public image, and more. All aspects of anticipatory driving are covered, including the use of mirrors and scanning techniques. The course also deals with eco-driving.

Individually tailored for all companies and employees:
  • Half-day introductory training
  • One day training on preventive and anticipatory driving
  • One day or half-day fine-tuning courses
  • Specific courses: manoeuvring techniques, eco-driving, low-fuel consumption driving, etc.


Individually tailored for all companies and employees

Do you have a driving licence but would like to further improve your driving skills and your safety when driving? Or maybe you are required to take a driving skills course? This two hour course is exactly what you need. Every branch of the VAB-Driving school offers this course. Cost: €138 (incl. VAT).


Drunk driver’s track

Alcohol consumption and driving do not belong together! Our awareness workshop, using drunk driver’s glasses and a track, demonstrates to participants what the impact of alcohol consumption is.


Learn the basic principles of eco-driving and fuel-efficient driving. After completing the theory section a trained instructor will accompany you on a drive on the public roads. Where necessary, he or she will adjust your driving style and afterwards provide you with a comprehensive assessment. Your fuel consumption will immediately drop by 10%.

Emergency services driving

Designed especially for police, fire brigade, ambulance service, military, public transport and utility company drivers. The VAB/PRiODRIVE course teaches these emergency services drivers to be even safer and more efficient on the road. One day of theory (either on location or at the VAB office) is followed by one day of practical training in Ingelmunster.

Safety Day Training

A perfect team-building exercise for companies. We first demonstrate that too many drivers still have the wrong attitude to traffic, and we also teach staff how to manoeuvre correctly and show them the dangers of an emergency stop. In a rollover simulator they learn why it is so important to wear a seatbelt, while a drunk driver track shows them what the effects of alcohol are.

Rollover simulator

The importance of wearing a seatbelt can never be emphasised enough, and this factor is demonstrated excellently using the rollover simulator. We will bring the simulator to your company so that participants can experience for themselves what happens when a vehicle starts to roll after a collision.

Distraction game

Multitasking while driving? Don’t do it – driving requires all your concentration. Through a range of visual and practical exercises, participants discover the limitations of their minds and the resulting dangers of being distracted while behind the wheel.