VAB Breakdown Service, driving school and more

VAB is a mobility organisation with a multitude of services that all work together to facilitate your mobility and keep you on the road.

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Breakdown assistance

Whether it be a flat tyre, a dead car battery or another type of car or motorbike problem, one of our patrolmen will help you back on your way.

Travel assistance

Unexpected medical issues and costs, urgently having to return home or extra overnight stays after a natural disaster or other large terrible events… VAB supports you in all your travel adventures, worldwide. You can even take out a temporary luggage or cancellation insurance, or you can choose an insurance package that contains all three products, for complete peace of mind!


Bicycle assistance and insurance

Do you enjoy exploring the country by bike? Let your worries at home thanks to VAB Bike assistance: we’ll help you back on the road quickly when you get a flat tyre, a dead battery or a broken chain. Our bike insurance protects you in case of theft or damage to your bike or e-bike.


More assistance services and additional information

Are you looking for more assistance service formulas or bundles? Discover all our services and our coverage policies on our Terms & Conditions page


Contact information

Would you like to subscribe to one of our assistance-formulas? Our customer service team will gladly help you. You can contact them via e-mail ( or telephone (03 253 61 30).


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Driving school

Learn how to drive a car, scooter, motorbike, truck or bus under the expert guidance of our instructors. We offer courses for the following licenses: A, AM, B, BE, C, C1, CE, D and G. We also organize sustainable driving courses and the compulsory refresh course (terugkommoment) that you have to complete 6 months after obtaining your driver’s license.

Book your driving lesson here.

Second-hand cars

Our showroom in Zwijndrecht holds a variety of second-hand cars that have undergone extensive quality control.

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Telephone: 03 253 69 89


Car tyres

Are you looking for a new set of tyres? Our tyre centres are at your service. You can visit us in De Pinte, Lier, Overijse and Dilbeek.

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Telephone: 078 22 20 20


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Fuel cards

VAB offers fuel cards to all its members. These let you buy petrol at a reduced rate. There are also possibilities for fleet fuel cards for companies.

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Would you like to receive a fuel card? Request one when you buy your breakdown assistance, through or customer service via 03 253 61 30 or e-mail



Our fully skilled technicians can locate any defects or problems with your car before you take it on a long trip, after an accident or before you sell it, to make sure your vehicle is safe.

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Telephone: 03 253 64 84


Professional services

There is much more to our professional services than just our fleet cards: we also offer breakdown assistance and travel assistance for corporations and their employees, you can employ us to diagnose all your company cars for defects, in order to prevent breakdowns, we can help you in the transport of your car fleet, and much more. Contact us with your specific query, together we can find your ideal solution.

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Telephone: 03 253 61 92